Grand Opening of Royal Kids in South Gate


On December 17th, the very first Royal Kids Indoor Playground in the United States will open in South Gate!

If you are looking for fun activities with your kids on weekends, during holidays, or on any other day, you will absolutely love Royal Kids Indoor Playgrounds, which make up more than 15 000 sqft of unlimited fun! Parks are temperature controlled, extremely safe, and ultra-clean.

In addition, remember that age is not a factor at Royal Kids. Whether your kid is a toddler or an older preschooler and grade-schooler, activities range from age appropriate areas with soft climbers, to wall and ceiling climbing structures. You will even find space for pick-up games for parents who would like to join the fun!

Caregivers have a full view of the kids playing and have the possibility to sit and enjoy a royal snack or to take part in the activities. There is plenty of room for everyone; so bust out your inner child and challenge your kids to a pick-up basketball game, or delight them on the dance floor. Don’t forget to swing by the snack bar for some royal snacks when they are all out playing!

Your kids will have a blast at Royal Kids, playing all day and meeting Leon, the friendly dragon.